Hi there! My name is Elise, and I absolutely love digging into meanings behind the media I consume, searching for hidden Easter eggs, or even delving into meanings I don't think the artist necessarily meant, just happened to reveal by accident.

Love coming up with themes and lessons, searching for symbols that pop up over and over again.

Essentially, when I listen to song lyrics - the good ones of course - I can't help treating those songs like poetry.

I dig into the meanings, symbols, and themes behind TV shows & movies as well.

If there's a piece of media I'm obsessed with, I can't help myself once I'm done. My mind usually spins off, thinking of things I know that are relevant, whether it's who the song writer has recently been dating, what previous characters in a TV show are being foreshadowed, and might be making a comeback, what other media I've seen or heard that reminds me of something in the piece I'm analyzing.

If I have questions or wonder whether anyone else saw something I didn't, I have to do a quick check online to see whether others are talking about the same themes, hidden meanings, or overall tone of a piece that I did.

I love finding out there was something I missed; some new discovery. It's ridiculously fun.

So in search of meaning, these are my ramblings.

Oh and the name? Like digging for meanings - I just thought it was fun.

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