Songs on Sabrina Carpenter's New Album (Emails I Can't Send) That Might Be About Joshua Bassett

One can only speculate if any of the songs on Sabrina Carpenter's new album, Emails I Can't Send, that may be about Joshua Bassett. Sabrina's not outright said which songs, if any, are about him, and it's unlikely she ever will.

That being said, I do believe there are at least two songs on this album that are almost certainly about Bassett, with one of these two songs addressing the entire love-triangle media whirlwind drama that happened after she started dating Bassett.

Considering the fact that Sabrina dodged questions about Skins, her previous single, when it was pretty clear the lyrics were about Olivia Rodrigo (in my opinion, the words in Skins were an incredibly thoughtful way of addressing the situation), I wouldn't hold my breath on any explicit outing of which songs were written about whom.

I personally don't think all the songs on this album are about Joshua Bassett, and as I've said, I only believe two are really likely to be about that relationship.

That being said, there are a number that may also be about him - although the ties to him are tenuous at best.

Sabrina's done a good job of adding songs that I believe to be about a number of different exes - melding them into one album whether they were recent or not and making it so, in my opinion, it's impossible to tell who some of the more vague songs are about.

Is the entire Emails I Can't Send album about Joshua Bassett? I'd be shocked to find out it was.

In fact, at least one song on the album - Already Over - is likely not about any relationship she's ever been in at all, but is likely a completely fabricated relationship she came up with in her head, based on a short little vlog she uploaded in her 'Enhanced Album' right before Already Over.

Titled The Story of 'Already Over' here's what she says:

We were all in the studio pretty late one night and we all just decided that were were gonna play a game. We would each write a chorus in 15 minutes. And then whichever was the best chorus, we would start that song. I was writing this particular song with some of my closest friends: Julia Michaels, JP Sacks, John Ryan...

One idea I started with John Ryan: How'm I supposed to leave this person if they're already in my house? The lyric was "How'm I supposed to leave you when you're already over."

We were all really excited about that, and then we made this song.

Thus, I believe this song is completely fabricated and not at all based on an experience Sabrina had.

But let's get into the two songs I do think are about a particular real person - Joshua Bassett.

In my opinion - and yes, I absolutely could be wrong - the two songs Vicious and ​because i liked a boy are likely about Joshua, the latter being about the media whirlwind around the love triangle with him and Olivia Rodrigo.

If you're curious about why I think this, head on over to my song-specific articles:

This one explaining why Vicious is possibly about Joshua Bassett, and this one explaining why because i liked a boy is almost certainly about him and the media whirlwind that followed that relationship.

The others I think may be alluding to Joshua Basset include Tornado Warnings and bet u wanna, although I touch on that more in the two articles above.

Head on over there for more of my thoughts.


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