Worth a Closer Look

There's so much content out there you probably coudn't even count the number of lifetimes it would take to absorb it all, and there's shocking amounts of new things coming out each day.

Most of this content? Superficial, not worth deep diving into, not even worth a second glance.

But there are plenty of exceptions. Plenty of media worth a closer look, songs (sometimes from surprising places) that have ridiculously good lyrics or television shows that have such good scripts, such high quality execution, they should be dissected like an old film.

There are so many pieces that are worth a closer look, they absolutely could not all be on this blog. But I figured as thoughts pop into my head about the meanings of things, I could take a moment to throw those thoughts together so that others who are curious can pop in and have a peek at my thoughts.

Media deep diving - that's what this blog is for, it's what it will continue to be about - no matter the media I'm looking into. A song, a film, a screenplay - heck, even a Superbowl Ad. I love diving in. Why not share the analysis with others?